Private Wealth Management
Improved performance by sustaining a diverse, disciplined and expertly managed portfolio.
Provide the local economies with high tech and high paying jobs within a great working environment.
Project Funding & Development
Financing and managing longterm projects that benefit humanity.
We have a vision dedicated to developing and encouraging long term relationships based on professionalism.

Private Wealth Management

HCI Mercantile (HCI) we believe that we live in a world without borders. We look at each investment opportunity from the context of a global market place and ensure that each business and investment opportunity we invest in have the capability to compete locally, regionally and globally.
Our investment philosophy reflects the open-minded nature of HCI Private Wealth Management team members. We approach each new investment independently of every other, taking into account current market conditions and future opportunity. Each opportunity carries its own investment strategy developed through careful analysis and evaluation, while adhering to the cornerstone of the HCI philosophy: to produce competitive returns for its investors.

We provide comprehensive administration services for private investors alternative asset portfolios. We apply an intelligent approach to deliver long-term growth, manage market risk and preserve capital through ever-changing economic cycles. At HCI, we blend asset classes, investment styles and management teams to create tailored portfolios products to suite each client\u2019s unique situation.