Private Wealth Management
Improved performance by sustaining a diverse, disciplined and expertly managed portfolio.
Provide the local economies with high tech and high paying jobs within a great working environment.
Project Funding & Development
Financing and managing longterm projects that benefit humanity.
We have a vision dedicated to developing and encouraging long term relationships based on professionalism.


Healthcorp Capital (HC) acts as a prominent investment bank to the global healthcare industry, providing capital funding and strategic consultative services to companies of all sizes. We make equity investments in healthcare companies that operate within large, growing industry sectors and that demonstrate the aptitude to gain market share, thereby bringing value and growth to our portfolio. For those healthcare companies that require authoritative advice and capital financing, HC acts as a strategic partner working with executive management teams and boards of directors in the achievement of specific goals and objectives.
HC holds an impressive track record of success in both investment and financing related projects within the healthcare industry. This can be partially attributed to our strict adherence to a predefined list of assessment criteria. Only in the event that an opportunity proves to be value oriented and ideally suited to our core competencies as a corporation, do we engage the project as consider it a qualified addition to our portfolio.