At HCI Mercantile we believe in:

Transparent conduct in relation to business; observing good corporate governance practices in daily activities and relationships between employees, customers and shareholders.
Conduct business with a commitment to respect people, society and the environment.
Establishes lasting business relationships, creating value for customers, shareholders, employees and partners.
Invests in continuous improvement of management, logistics and commercialization processes.
Creates value for shareholders and society, manages risk and seeks economic, social and environment development for current and future generations.
To pursue excellence by exceeding customer expectations and achieving sustainable growth in an environment that promotes innovation, hard work, fun & profitability.

HCI Mercantile

At HCI Mercantile (HCI), we believe that we live in a world without borders. We look at each investment opportunity from the context of a global market place and ensure that each business and investment opportunity we invest in have the capability to compete locally, regionally and globally. For any investment to make its way into our portfolio review process, stringent measures of quality must be met. From proprietary deal flow criteria to our financial modeling systems, assist us in determining the right time to buy and/or re-evaluate our position given market industry conditions. Our investment parameters take into account many different qualitative and quantitative aspects including;
- Overall Business Strategy
- Competitive Strengths and Weaknesses
- Financial Flexibility
- Management Track Record
- Valuation
- Potential Total Return to Shareholder’s Equity
- We believe solid growth companies with strong management outperform over the long term.