Private Wealth Management
Improved performance by sustaining a diverse, disciplined and expertly managed portfolio.
Provide the local economies with high tech and high paying jobs within a great working environment.
Project Funding & Development
Financing and managing longterm projects that benefit humanity.
We have a vision dedicated to developing and encouraging long term relationships based on professionalism.

Project Funding & Development

HCI Mercantile Capital BV (HCI) focuses on fundraising and financing of approved socio-economic projects, such as infrastructure, real estate, health care, and humanitarian projects.
The HCI Project Funding & Development Team seeks value-oriented opportunities for the funding and/or development of large-scale projects on an international scale. Such opportunities may involve commercial real estate, residential communities, healthcare facilities or development projects in the industrial, hotel and retail sectors.

Sectors of Expertise
The HCI Project Funding & Development Division targets the following sectors:
- Medical Services
- Life Sciences
- Commercial Real Estate
- Mining
- Commodities Trading

We deliver financial assistance and development services to a diverse range of business projects that meet our stringent evaluation criteria.

For more information, please contact us at:

HCI Mercantile Capital BV
Schothorsterlaan 11, 3822 NA
Amersfoort, Netherlands