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Improved performance by sustaining a diverse, disciplined and expertly managed portfolio.
Provide the local economies with high tech and high paying jobs within a great working environment.
Project Funding & Development
Financing and managing longterm projects that benefit humanity.
We have a vision dedicated to developing and encouraging long term relationships based on professionalism.


At HCI Mercantile, through its subsidiary Meritway Energy is dedicated to developing, and encouraging long term relationships based on professionalism, honesty, trust, and quality. Most importantly it understands our client's needs.
Meritway Energy Limited (MEL), is a bespoke international company founded to specialise in the oil and gas trade and derivatives of petroleum. Currently MEL is the official mandate holder of a number of major refineries and factories allowing it ultimate exclusivity in the control of qualitative trade and control of global prices. Furthermore, we represent other suppliers, including oil producing countries, refineries, all of whom are able to fulfil buyer's requirements efficiently and professionally within the guidelines of the International Chamber of Commerce.

We facilitate the sale of Crude Oil and its fuel derivatives such as Gasoline, D2, D6 ULSD, AGO, Jet Fuel, Mazut, Heavy Fuel Oils, LNG, LPG, and more. Meritway Energy Limited, is a powerful integrated company specialising in the Petrochemical industry, securing strong business links around the world with its trades in oil, gas and petrochemical derivatives.