About Us

At HCI Mercantile we have a vision dedicated to developing and encouraging long term relationships based on professionalism, honesty, trust, quality, most important is the understanding of our clients needs.
HCI Mercantile (HCI) is a management and portfolio company serving International investor clients. The company is composed of several corporate entities and investments built through mergers and acquisitions and maintain its portfolios achievement through specific risk-return outcomes. We apply an intelligent approach to deliver our private equity partners and private investors benefit through their passive roles in HCI’s core capacities including, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Real Estate Investments, Project Funding and Development opportunities.

At HCI, we take a global market opportunity approach to investments and investing; using our management team and strategic partnership relations located both domestically and abroad to analyze and identify market opportunities. HCI employs and works only with the best people with the best ethical standards to realize and achieve its stated goals and objectives.


We believe that the strength of any organization comes not only from the people in it but from all of those around us that supply valuable information on a daily basis. To that effect, HCI has the benefit of receiving advice from the top professionals and business leaders globally. Over the past three decades, collectively as a team, HCI have developed and foster relationships with market analysts and strategic consultants that has undoubtedly enriched and provided tremendous insight and market information resources that has contributed to HCI’s investment achievements.
The primary role of HCI Mercantile going forward is, to continue to grow and allocate share capital within defined risk-return parameters and, help our portfolio companies perform better through the use of improved management tools and processes, the correct exploitation of skills and the acquisition of advantageous synergies. Our funds’ risk-return profile is comprised of a superior selection of investment assets and profitable corporate enterprises.